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European Digital Week is the biggest event in Europe digital technology wise. It includes 15 conferences in the main program.

The virtual event is based on the following:   

  • B2B Meet and Match – directed at specific actions and achieving results  
  • Am opportunity for small and medium technological companies to present and show their achievements through special platforms               
  • Increasing the speed of digital transformation for the business (not only) through access for up to date themes and recent materials                             
  • Growing young people’s interest to digital technologies, which in time will give results concerning their development                      
  • Getting up to date in the world for innovations in digital technologies and needs for the business                       

[Our Speakers]

Director Customer Experience

Director Customer Experience

Strategy, Business Executive
Takura DonaldMac Incorporated

Fractional CTO

Director Digital Transformation Council | Director Smart City Councilr
EU Tech Chamber

Managing Consultantr
Colorful Cultures Ltd

Executive Coordinator
Longevity Science Foundation

[Our Timetable]

The organizers reserve the right to change the program!

Launching Groundbreaking Initiatives In Your Organization
Caterina Rosander United States
DIgital Business Transformation Trends in the New Era and beyond
Macdonald Ndovi – Zimbabwe
Emotional Intelligence for Engineering
Kateryna Sytnyk- United States
Importance of Leadership in Digital Transformation
Nedzad Piric – Bosnia and Herzegovina
Decision Making in Europe
Julian Ionita – United Kingdom
Unlocking Charitable Giving with Cryptocurrencies and Decentralization: The Longevity Science
Garri Zmudze – Switzerland

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